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Polythene packaging products in Coventry

Choosing the right packaging materials doesn't have to be a daunting task any longer. Simply contact us today and we will recommend a bespoke, sealable polythene packing product to protect your wares properly.


Seymour Paper and Packaging has a team of product specialists available for free advice at all times, so don't hesitate to get the info you need about polythene packaging.

Benefits of polythene include:

- Easy packaging of awkward sizes or shapes

- Can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes

- Optimal environmental protection from degrading elements

Types of polythene products we stock:

- Polythene bags

- 120 gauge to 500 gauge

- 'Grippa' self-seal polythene bags

- Black polythene refuse sacks

- Polythene layflat tubing

- Builders' sheet film

Call the polythene packaging product professionals today on:


024 7622 3021